When you’re putting together a new website or video production, you’ll often find that having stock clips on hand is extremely helpful. This applies no matter what you’re working on. Abstract videos are a great resource to have in your back pocket. They can add interest to your videos. Or, they can serve as a background for your website. That’s why we’ve compiled some solid options here.

But no matter how you decide to use them, abstract videos are a real benefit for your creative projects.

Color Spiral Free Video 

Can you imagine the level of interest this abstract video would add to your website’s background? The colorful spiral spins on indefinitely and is certain to draw in the viewer’s attention exponentially.

Digital Waves

Here’s another video that’s intriguing to say the least. This abstract effect makes it appear as though ocean waves have been dotted with lights that undulate and roll along with rising and falling tide.

Bokeh Animation

This bokeh animation video is straightforward in its approach but that’s precisely its appeal. This serves as an excellent video background for any project you can think of. With light dots floating about, its subdued enough to have a multitude of uses.

3D Animated Tools

This video is a bit off the beaten path but it could definitely serve you well for a video about construction or a construction website. It features tools floating freely in space. You could easily overlay this with text or other graphics as well.

Underwater Sun Rays

Add a calm atmosphere to your next project with this video of sunlight being filtered through ocean water. It’s mesmerizing to look at and could be used in any number of projects.

Abstract Lava Lamp

Another fantastic video option is this abstract lava lamp video. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a video of the colorful blobs from within a lava lamp floating up and down across the frame. It’s great footage for any sort of project.

Abstract Colored Waves

This is another fun one! The abstract colored waves video shows ribbons of color rippling across the screen as their entirety twists perspective. Another multipurpose video option.

Abstract Bokeh

This abstract bokeh video features smaller light dots than the previous video in this list. And the focus of the video is quite different as well. Here, the dots swirl seemingly into a vortex.

Bokeh Lights at Night

The Bokeh Lights at Night video offers real footage here of a city nightlife scene. However, the bokeh effect comes into play prominently as the video falls in and out of focus.

Blurred Bokeh

The Blurred Bokeh video is similar to one listed here previously but the bokeh effect has been blurred substantially, creating a more abstract effect that makes it usable as a background.

Blurry Fireworks

Another option is this video of blurry fireworks. While it starts out in focus, it then softens to create a bokeh effect. This makes it an ideal choice for overlaying with text or graphics.

Stuck in Traffic

Last on our list is this stuck in traffic video. It features cars sitting bumper to bumper as they inch across an intersection. However, the entire video is slightly out of focus, leaving it open for overlaid text or graphics.

Make Use of Abstract Videos Now

If you’ve never considered it before, now is the time: abstract videos can add real depth and interest to your video productions, social media posts, and website backgrounds. The options above are all viable choices and are certain to make your next project more appealing. Best of luck to you!

Brenda Barron
Brenda Barron

Brenda Stokes Barron is a professional writer and blogger and The Digital Inkwell is her personal brand. You can often find her typing furiously at her local Starbucks. (Yes, she's that person).