As a photographer, it’s easy to get caught up in planning your next session or in buckling down to complete edits. However, over time, you may find that you run out of inspiration. To prevent the well from running dry, it’s vital to replenish. And to do that, you can check out some popular photography blogs.

Thankfully, we’ve cut out some of the work for you. What follows is a list of fantastic photography blogs you’ll want to bookmark.

Two Loves Studio

Two Loves Studio offers a behind-the-scenes look at how to capture specific types of photographs with equipment suggestions, composition tips, and more.

Two Loves Studio - photography blogs

The LawTog Blog

If you need to get familiar with all the specifics of copyright and such, The LawTog Blog is a great choice. It delves into the nitty-gritty of the laws that affect how photographers do their jobs.

The LawTog Blog - photography blogs

Behind the Shutter

Behind the Shutter is another process blog that dives into the specifics of how to take eye-catching photos. It also offers tips regarding retouching, composition, and equipment.

Behind The Shutter - photography blogs

Zack Arias

Here’s another great blog well-worth checking out. Zack Arias is a professional photographer who provides in-depth information about how to take stunning editorial images.

Zack Arias - photography blogs


PhotoFocus is a photography blog that explores tips, tricks, and tutorials, of course. But it also offers up photography collections from famous photographers of the past.

PhotoFocus - photography blogs

Fiona Kelly Photography

Fiona Kelly Photography is a photographer who offers up portfolio shots as well as tutorials from someone who is currently working as professional in the field.

Fiona Kelly - photography blogs


PhotoBlog is exactly what it sounds like: a photography blog. It provides many step-by-step tutorials, tips, tricks, equipment recommendations, software suggestions, and more. This blog truly aims to be a one-stop shop.


DIY Photography

DIY Photography is a photography blog that regularly publishes tutorials for how to take different types of photos, of course. But it also provides tips for achieving specific effects using different post-production tools.

DIY Photography

CreativeLive Blog

The CreativeLive Blog is another great site to bookmark. It provides insights into a variety of creative pursuits including photography and covers some lifestyle aspects relevant to the creative professional as well.

CreativeLive Blog

Into the Night Photography

Last on our list is the Into the Night Photography blog, which covers all things night photography, with an extra emphasis on youth photography events and resources.

Into The Night Photography

Follow These Photography Blogs for Great Information

With the above list in hand, you’ll now have a steady stream of resources to check out whenever you need advice, tips, or just general inspiration. Enjoy!

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