When a lot of people get engaged, they want to celebrate the occasion with engagement photos. Capturing this moment in the time before you say “I do” is special. However, it can be a challenge at times to think of a location to take engagement photos that hasn’t been done by everyone else already. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of location ideas that would serve as excellent backdrops for any engagement photoshoot. We’ve kept the list general so you can use the idea to spark a search in your vicinity.


Perhaps one of the most popular places to take engagement photos, the beach is just so romantic. The crashing waves would certainly add playfulness and beauty to your photos.

beach engagement photos


Having your photos taken in a vineyard is classy and romantic. You’ll treasure the photos you capture but can also celebrate with a glass of wine on the spot. Win-win.

vineyard engagement photos


A local park can capture a sense of whimsy in your engagement photos. A photo on a slide, on a park bench, or even on the swings will be one to remember.


Another place to take photos is in a garden. The beautiful flowers and trees will add interest to the final shots.

garden engagement photos

In Front of a Mural

Capture a touch of the city you live in (or even where you met) by taking photos in front of a particularly lovely mural.

mural engagement photos

On a Carousel

What’s more fun than a carousel ride at an amusement park or fair?

carousel engagement photos

On a Helicopter Ride

If you have the cash, splurge for a scenic helicopter tour and pop the question on the runway.

helicopter engagement photos

At a Pub

If you’re a regular at a downtown pub (or even if you’re not) taking photos in one can offer a relatable charm that speaks to your personality.

pub engagement photos

At Home

If you and your partner are homebodies, why not just do your photoshoot at home? It’ll capture you both in your element and create a cozy memory to treasure.

at home

Where You Met

Walk down memory lane in your engagement photos by taking them where you met.

wher you met engagement photos

On a Bridge

Another option is to take your engagement photos on a bridge. Can you imagine the breathtaking results?

On a Boat

Windswept hair and smiling faces are sure to populate any engagement photos taken out at sea.

Brooklyn bridge

On a Hike

If you both enjoy nature, why not capture yourselves in your element while out in a hike?

Dark Fall Forest

At a Historic Site

Historic sites can provide a lovely backdrop for any photoshoot, sure, but they can add an extra air of sophistication to engagement photos.


On Vacation

If you’re already going on vacation somewhere lovely, book a photographer at your destination to capture your time away from home!

on vacation

On a Lake

If you don’t live near the ocean, book a photo session next to a lake. A lakeside backdrop is just as compelling.

on a lake


Taking engagement photos in front of (or even behind!) a waterfall is pure magic.

waterfall engagement photos

In a Car

If you and your partner love cars or just have a sense of adventure, book your photo session in a vehicle. It’ll definitely convey those “we’re in this together” vibes you want to capture in your memory book.

driving a car

Choose a Location for Engagement Photos That Speak to You

Ultimately, the location you choose for your photo session comes down to your individual personalities and how you see yourselves as a couple. Pick a place that speaks to you both and that will look fantastic in your photos. You might also pick a location that offers a lot of setup options to add some variety to the shoot. Regardless, pick a location that speaks to your heart and resulting photos will do nothing but exude the love you share.