Taking amazing photographs is a real skill. But you also need to know how to edit them properly if you want to achieve a final result you can be 100% happy with. This is why learning a variety of editing tips and tricks can help you out greatly. What we’ve compiled here is 13 different resources that offer a combined total of over 90 photo editing tips, each of which is certain to push you further along your path to becoming a seasoned pro.

8 Photo Editing Tips for Stunning Photographs

Photo Editing Tips - Picture Correct

This collection of tips put together by Picture Correct cover some basic things you need to know to produce a high-quality finished product from raw photos.

10 Editing Techniques That Changed My Photography

Photo Editing Tips - fStoppers

Here’s another great tip collection from, this time from fStoppers that covers specific editing techniques you can use to improve your photography.

Best Photo Editing Tips for Beginners: 18 Quick Fixes to Common Image Problems

Photo Editing Tips - Tech Radar

TechRadar has put together a quick and to-the-point collection of tips you can apply to your photos immediately that serve as quick fixes to common problems.

10 Awesome Photo Editing Tips for a Faster Workflow

Photo Editing Tips - Expert Photography

Expert Photography has a solid collection of 10 editing tips that can speed up your workflow.

10 Photo Editing Tips to Make Your Photos Look More Professional

Photo Editing Tips - Motif

And here’s another collection of editing tips, this time from Motif, that spell out how to make your photos look more professional.

Instructables: Basic Photo Editing


Instructables offers up a really good beginner’s guide to photo editing here. If you’re new to post-production, this is a great place to start.

Outdoor Photographer: Photo Editing Tips & Techniques

Outdoor Photographer

If you take landscape photos or specialize in outdoor photography, this collection of editing tips and techniques from Outdoor Photographer should serve you well.

Kicksta: 8 Photo Editing Tips from a Photographer


Kicksta has a nice set of 8 photo editing pointers here that were put together by a photographer.

Ten Photo-Editing Tips From a Pro

New York Times

Here’s a nice little article featuring 10 editing tips. They were compiled by a professional photographer and it serves as a helpful New York Times feature.

PCWorld: Photo Editing Basics – 6 Tips for Polishing and Perfecting Finished Images

PC World

This quick how-to article at PCWorld shows you how to polish and perfect your photos so they’re ready for publishing.

5 Photo Editing Tricks You’ll Want to Use on Every Picture

Photo Editing Tips - Real Simple

Real Simple has gather 5 editing tricks for making every single photo you take better.

5 Impactful Photo Editing Tips to Learn Today

Photo Editing Tips - LiquidWeb

And the hosting company, LiquidWeb, offers up editing tips that are designed to make an impact.

Adobe: Photo-Editing – Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Images

Photo Editing Tips - Adobe

Last on our list is a collection of tips and tricks compiled by Adobe, that you can put into practice in Photoshop immediately.

Use These Photo Editing Tips for Better Photos

With the above resources in hand, you can easily take your photographs to the next level. Hopefully you can find a way to put these tips into practice immediately. For more photography tips and tricks, be sure to check out our article 10 Tips for Lighting Portrait Photos.