Now that we’re fully into 2020, it’s a good time to look back at 2019. It’s only natural to indulge in a backward gaze. Often, it can be an educational experience and illuminate areas in which you can improve during this new year. But at this time, we’d like to spend a few minutes celebrating the successes of the previous year. Specifically, let’s take a look at our most popular free stock photos and videos for 2019. And who knows? Maybe a few will catch your eye as well.

18. Yellow Flowers in the Winds

This simple video showcases yellow flowers swaying in the breeze.

free stock photos and videos of yellow flowers

17. Abstract Bokeh

This animation could easily serve as a video background or intro.

abstract bokeh - free stock photos and videos

16. Campfire Embers

Enjoy the popping of campfire embers in this upclose video.

campfire embers - free stock photos and videos

15. Marble Texture

This zoom-in on marble texture could easily be used for a background or accent image.

marble texture - free stock photos and videos

14. Color Spiral

Wow! This video could be used in so many ways. It certainly takes your mind for spin — if you’ll pardon the pun.

color spiral video - - free stock photos and videos

13. Birch Tree Leaves

There’s nothing quite so calming as the sight of leaves swaying in the wind in this video clip.

birch tree leaves - free stock photos and videos

12. Purple Sky & Stars

This beautiful shot of a purple-hued sky and stars has multiple applications.

purple sky and stars - free stock photos and videos

11. Stars in Blue Night Sky

Same goes for this image, which captures the sky on a clear night.

stars in blue night sky - free stock photos and videos

10. Blurry Fireworks

This video of blurry fireworks would make an excellent background for a summer-time promotional video.

blurry fireworks - free stock photos and videos

9. Woman Bathing

And this image of a woman bathing could be used for a spa or health and wellness website or social media.

woman bathing

8. Bokeh Animation

Here’s another bokeh animation that could be used for just about anything.

bokeh animation

7. Digital Waves

This video of abstract digital waves could be used for backgrounds, transitions between other clips, or any other creative ideas you come up with.


6. Moody Storm Clouds

And this selection, which features dark and foreboding storm clouds sets the mood.

moody storm clouds

5. Woman with Dog

This fun photo of a woman holding a terrier evokes a sense of relaxing at home.

woman with dog

4. Milky Way Pan Over Tree Silhouettes

Here’s a video that highlights the milky way at night, with trees in the foreground in shadow.

Milky Way Pan Over Tree Silhouettes - free stock photos and videos

3. Black Background Texture

This black background looks like alligator skin and would bring texture to any project you choose.

black background texture

2. Bokeh Street Scene

A bokeh street scene video that puts you right in the middle of the action.

Bokeh Street Scene

1. Coffee in Glass Cup

And last on our list is this image of coffee in a glass mug, that looks so inviting, there’s no wonder why it was our most popular image downloaded last year.

coffee in glass cup

Enjoy Our Top Free Stock Photos and Videos from 2019

We hope you liked our list! And the next time you’re on the hunt for free stock photos and videos, you know where to turn for a few solid choices. Best of luck!