More than half of the world’s population lives in urban settlements, and that number is expected to rise to over 60% by 2030. According to data from the UN, one in every three people will live in cities with at least half a million inhabitants.

Cities are only growing and as such, creating engaging videos and visuals with urban environments can help to resonate with viewers in those areas.

In this article, we’re pulling the top 10 free videos of urban cityscapes up for you to view. These are great visual assets for videos and promotional content you create. You can supplement some stock footage from various cities in your ads, intros, vlogs, and more. Featuring free stock clips with people in cities, transportation concepts, and other urban themes.

Top Free Cityscapes Stock Videos

Busy City Intersection

Busy City Intersection

Clean footage of a busy intersection in downtown New York City. This video shows cars, buses, and ride-sharing vehicles moving through a light off W Broadway. Perfect for inserting as a clip for a video on cities, transportation, and urban data.

You can also use this as background footage. With the moving slight sway, the video is nice for intros/outros.

Aerial Footage of a Busy City Road

Busy Road

Drones and aerial photos/videos are hugely popular right now. They show the world from a different perspective that is still largely unexplored. This aerial view of a busy city road in an urban environment can be used for so many purposes. From transportation concepts to population themes in a documentary, there are a lot of possibilities.

Man Texting in Urban Setting

Man Texting

When is the last time you’ve been to the city? You might’ve been surprised by the sheer number of people on their phones, even while crossing the road! This clip features a man texting in an urban setting with people moving around in the blurred background.

For technology concepts and consumer-based videos, this footage makes a great addition to your project. There is also room for text and adjustments.

Bokeh Street Scene at Night

Bokeh Street Scene

This quick clip features a blurred image of a city as it snaps into clarity showing the cotton candy skies at sunset. Because of the shortness of the footage, this is best for a quick intro/outro or as an insert for fast switching clips in an edit. It can be great to show a short burst of an urban setting at night. The bokeh effect helps intrigue viewers and brings them into the video.

Snowing in the City

Snowing City

Frigid and cold high in the skyscrapers downtown. This clip shows the snowfall in a major city as the world moves below. Perfect for showing different seasons in a city, clips for your winter videos, and more.

Stuck in Traffic (Bokeh)

Stuck in Traffic

We’ve all been stuck in traffic. If you live in a major city, you’re probably either used to it or you don’t even drive anymore. Regardless, traffic is pretty much always still there. It seems like rush hour is becoming much longer than an hour each and every day.

This free stock clip features cars moving through traffic in a city filmed to show the bokeh lights from the brakes and traffic signals. Perfect for transportation concepts, urban videos, and more.

Aerial Footage of a Tall Skyscraper

Tall Building

Skyscrapers and large office buildings with corporations, startups, and businesses of all sizes can be found in cities all over the world. This free urban stock clip features aerial footage of a tall building as the camera scales up and shows the city in the background.

With a bright color grade, this clip is perfect for cinematic intros and openers. Add text or your title sequence to create a professional intro.

Aerial City View Zooming In

City View

To capture the entire vast size of a city, this footage does a great job showing scale. This free stock clip of a major city shows the camera (presumably a drone or aerial cam) panning into the city to show you the buildings, roads, and life below.

Man Reading Newspaper on City Bench

Man Reading Newspaper on Bench

Reading in the park is a nice way to spend some time. The sounds of people walking about and the energy of the city around you can make for some great ambient noise in the background.

This free stock clip features a man flipping through and reading the newspaper in a city square as people walk around in the background on a bright and sunny day.

Man Using Two Mobile Devices

Man Using Two Mobile Device

Phones are an important tool for doing business in this day and age. That’s why we decided to pick another clip focused on technology.

This footage shows a man using two smartphones in a crowded city. Floods of people walk behind and around him, showing the rush and density of the city.

Great for technology, people, and business themes this free stock clip can be used as supplementary footage in documentaries, compilations, and business presentations.

Bring an Urban View to Your Projects

Thanks for checking out our top 10 free stock videos of urban cityscapes and downtown environments for your inspiration. Download these free clips for your projects. They’re ideal for business videos and promotions, documentary edits, and urban displays.

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