Sometimes, a scenic beach photo or video is exactly what your website content needs. Whether you’re trying to convey the idea of a romantic vacation, a well-deserved break, or scenes from nature, beach photos and videos can be extremely helpful for completing your projects.

And while there are many locations online from which you can source absolutely beautiful images and video clips, it’s not always so clear what their usage rights are. This can be a minefield, especially if you plan on using these images to make money. Instead of going through that hassle, it’s a much better idea to use images and videos that you know are 100% straight out the gate.

That’s precisely what we’ve collected here: 15 examples of beach photos and videos that you can use immediately without worrying about licensing and without paying a dime. Let’s dive in!

Beach Coast Water

This stunning image showcases the shoreline at sunset. The golden glow on the sand dunes and faint pink tint to the clouds really stand out.

Beach Coast Water - beach photos

Tropical Beach Sunset

This tropical beach sunset has everything in it to convey a romantic mood or the promise of an island getaway: sunset, palm trees, perfect sand, and calm waters.

Tropical Beach Sunset - beach photos

Couple Walking at the Beach

In this video clip, you’ll see a couple strolling across the beach with the sunset acting as a too-perfect backdrop.

Beach Rocks Sunset

This image features the beach yet again, but this time blue skies, sunset-lit clouds, and rocky shores are what stand out the most.

Beach Rocks Sunset - beach photos

Drone Video Beach & Blue Sea

In this video clip, you get a drone’s perspective of the beach. White sands and teal blue waters are extremely evocative.

Aerial Beach Sunset

This image taken from on high shows off a coastal town, with a cloudy sunset (or sunrise) showcased in the background.

Aerial Beach Sunset - beach photos

Sunset Ocean Beach

Here’s another ocean sunset that could work for any sort of website background or social media graphic.

Sunset Ocean Beach - beach photos

Beach Aerial Waves

This top-down view of the beach and coastline is nearly abstract and that’s precisely what makes it so compelling.

Beach Aerial Waves - beach photos

Playing Tennis on the Beach

This video clip features people playing sports on the beach. The waves are crashing in the background and just a scene of fun and excitement.

Girls at the Beach

This fun photo captures two women on the beach sitting on a watermelon blanket. What says summer more than that?

Girls at the Beach - beach photos

Cornwall Surfer

And here is a stunning shot of a surfer on a Cornwall beach. The image’s color tone is subdued but captivating.

Cornwall Surfer - beach photos

Couple Walking on a Beach

This is another drone captured clip. This time, it follows a couple walking on a lonely beach that stretches straight out into the water.

Male Model on the Beach

Here’s another image you could use on your site or social media. It features a male model on the beach with rocky cliffs behind him.

Male Model on the Beach - beach photos

Large Rock on the Beach

What an interesting shot this is! It features a large rock on the beach that has a tree growing out the top.

Large Rock on the Beach

Flip-Flops on Beach

Lastly, this image says so much while showing so little. It features a pair of flip-flops on the sand next to some stacked rocks. And behind these items? The sun’s glare reflected on the ocean.

Flip-Flops on Beach

Use These Beach Photos and Videos for Your Projects

Now that you’ve seen this collection of beach photos and videos, you’re hopefully feeling the creativity start to flow. These images can be used for anything you want and they’re absolutely free. Finish your website’s design, add a featured image to your next blog post, or promote something on social media. All of these images and videos are fair game.

Brenda Barron
Brenda Barron

Brenda Stokes Barron is a professional writer and blogger and The Digital Inkwell is her personal brand. You can often find her typing furiously at her local Starbucks. (Yes, she's that person).