Free textures are useful in a wide variety of ways. In fact, they can be used for every kind of design project imaginable, including print projects. However, in the online realm, you’ll find textures infinitely useful as website backgrounds, social media backgrounds, logo fills, and more. Basically, they are the ultimate versatile tool to have in your design toolbox and if you’re not using them already, you should be.

To help you with this effort, we’ve compiled 50 (yes you read that right, five zero) free textures that you can start using in your projects immediately. We’ve tried to keep them as varied as possible so you’ll have plenty of unique options to choose from.

Letterpress Paper Texture

This lovely texture of letterpress printing on paper is striking, colorful, and stands out.

Letterpress Paper Free Textures

Abstract Red Texture

This abstract red texture looks sort of like a basket weave but technological, too. This abstract design could be used in any number of ways.

Abstract Red Free Textures

Striped Fabric Texture

This striped fabric texture makes me think of woven linen or hammock fabrics.

Striped Fabric Free Textures

Purple Fabric Texture

Here’s another fabric texture. This time, the overall purple hue is punctuated but subtle specs of red and blue.

Purple Fabric Free Textures

Black Metal Texture

This black metal texture looks sort of like an extreme closeup on a camera.

Black Metal Free Textures

Red Futuristic Texture

Here’s another glossy option that offers red and silver shades. It very well could be part of a car.

Red Futuristic Free Textures

Woodgrain Texture

Woodgrain is an all-around useful texture that could be used in a variety of ways.

Woodgrain Free Textures

Pink Dotted Texture

Or, if you want something more whimsical, this pink dotted texture might better suit your fancy.

Pink Dotted Free Textures

Rustic Wood Texture

Here’s another wood texture, this time offers a real sense of aging. Individual screws are even visible.

Rustic Wood Free Textures

Geometric Texture

This geometric texture also features a color gradient to increase visual appeal.

Geometric Free Textures

Dark Triangle Texture

This dark triangle texture looks like it could be found on a rug or something like that. No matter where it was found, however, it could add interest to your next project.

Dark Triangle Free Textures

Stone Wall Texture

This stone wall texture could serve as a lovely website background or image background.

Stone Wall Free Textures

Stone Path Texture

This stone path texture stands out thanks to the glow of either streetlights or the sunset across the cobbles.

Stone Path Free Textures

Abstract Stone Texture

This abstract stone texture looks as though it was found in the mountains somewhere and it’s instantly appealing.

Abstract Stone Free Textures

Wood Stripes Texture

You could opt for this wood stripes texture that can add a rugged appeal to any design.

Wood Stripes Free Textures

Cold Ice Texture

This ice texture highly cool blue tones and is abstract enough to be used in a wide variety of ways.

Cold Ice Free Textures

Fabric Texture

This rainbow fabric texture is immediately eye-catching and could easily be used to add dimension to your graphics.

Cord Fabric Free Textures

Black Background Texture

This alligator skin-style texture is dark and moody.

Wet Glass Free Textures

Wet Glass Texture

This wet glass texture could serve as a website background with minimal modification.

Wet Glass Free Textures

Rhubarb Texture

Who knew rhubarbs could be so interesting to look at? This texture could serve well as a background for your social media images or website.

Rhubarb Free Textures

Sand Texture

Sand is a time-tested texture that can be used in endless ways. It’s always good to have a solid sand texture in your toolbox.

Sand Free Textures

Leaf Texture

This macro shot of a leaf highlights the various parts of the leaf as well the variations of light reflecting on it.

Leaf Macro Free Textures

Golden Texture

Here’s another texture that is vague enough to serve as a backdrop for just about anything.

Golden Free Textures

Yellow Abstract Texture

And this yellow abstract texture looks like it could be made of metal or honey.

Yellow Abstract Free Textures

Tiles Texture

These tiles reflect the light in an intriguing way that would easily add a darker mood to your graphics.

Tiles Abstract Free Textures

Leaf Texture

Here’s another leaf texture this time with a reddish-pink hue. This up close shot shows the finer details of the interior of a leaf.

Leaf Free Textures

Marble Texture

When looking at this macro photograph of marble, it’s easy to get lost in the details.

Marble Free Textures

Blue Metal Texture

Here’s another image of a metal texture, but this time it features shades of blue with varying light reflections.

Blue Metal Texture - free blue photos

Old Stone Texture

This stone texture appears quite smooth with just a few cracks and divots to add interest.

Stone Free Textures

Wood Steps Texture

These wooden steps would make a great website background.

Red Bamboo Texture

Or, you could opt for this photo of red bamboo, which you could easily use as a fill for many different images.

Orange Wood Texture

This vibrantly painted wood texture makes a sunshine-y statement.

Fading Wood Texture

If something more rustic is what you’re looking for, this faded wood texture is a solid choice.

Monochrome Wood Texture

Or you could opt for a fully grayscale selection.

Monochrome Wood

Torn Paper Texture

More details than you can even count on this one. Ripped paper always makes for an interesting texture choice.

Fading Paint Texture

Same goes for faded and chipping paint. So many colors, so little time.

Paint Swirls Texture

If bright and bold is more your style, these paint swirls ought to fulfill your needs.

Wet Metal Texture

Water droplets beading up on metal. This could be used in so many different ways, from a summer lifestyle blog to a car detailing company’s logo.

Pebbles Texture

An endless sea of pebbles makes for a great website background. Just sayin’.

Fabric Texture

A basket weave texture offers up two possibilities: either you’re looking at a macro shot of fabric or a standard shot of a woven basket. Either way, this texture is stunning.

Old Rope Texture

The texture of rope is interesting to look at and also patterned enough to make for an excellent background.

Water Droplets Fabric

These water droplets on fabric work for a website background or you could isolate part of the image to use as a fill.

Color Zoom Motion

These colors in motion make for a psychedelic effect.

Rippled Water

This rippled water texture would make for a serene website background.

Abstract Red Glow

This abstract red glow may very well be a closeup shot of a heater or heating element and it would add a warm glow to any project you decide to create.

Hearts Pattern

Purple paper with silver embossed hearts make this texture a stand out.

Pink Glitter

Glitter never looks the same and is always interesting. That’s why this pink glitter texture will do the heavy lifting in increasing interest in your work.

Suit Coat Close Up

This close up shot of the fabric on a suit jacket is cozy, homey, and comforting.

Line Pattern Print

This line pattern print shows the details on a piece of tightly woven fabric and it can be used to help tell your website’s story.

Roof Shingle Pattern

Last on our list is this roof shingle pattern The overlapping shingles creating a mesmerizing pattern that could be used in limitless ways.

Multipurpose Free Textures Ready to Use

There you have it! A whopping list of free textures you can start using immediately for all of your best projects. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit — they’re free, after all. And hopefully you’ll find free textures that fit with your brand and fulfills the needs of the project you’re working on — whether that’s a website header, social media image, logo, or something else altogether.

Best of luck to you!

Brenda Barron
Brenda Barron

Brenda Stokes Barron is a professional writer and blogger and The Digital Inkwell is her personal brand. You can often find her typing furiously at her local Starbucks. (Yes, she's that person).