It’s an amazing time to be a photographer. Never has so much knowledge and inspiration been available to learn from. YouTube has an abundance of useful photography tutorials but there are so many to choose from. We’re here to help you navigate the sea of videos with these must-watch YouTube channels for photographers.

Peter McKinnon

Peter is not just an amazing photographer but also a brilliant entertainer. Each of his videos are a work of art with high quality editing and some humor that ties it all together. On top of useful photography knowledge, he does a fantastic job of sharing tips about work ethics, what it takes to be a YouTuber, and personal stories.

Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica has carved out her niche on fashion and portrait photography with brilliant tutorials on taking pictures of models and photoshop editing. If taking portraits interests you, this channel is a must-watch.

Michael Shainblum

Famously known for his Milky Way photos and time-lapse videos, Michael shares his tips on post processing and drone footage. He also shares incredible short-films that are amazing for refueling your inspiration.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Tony & Chelsea have created a mountain of useful, in-depth videos on photography tutorials, camera reviews, processing workflows, and other digital news. Their content is routinely up-to-date on current trends and future predictions. This is a great channel to not only learn from but to keep an eye on what’s happening in the photo industry.

Mango Street

Rachel and Daniel live up to their YouTube description: Photography tutorials that don’t waste your time. Their topics cover a wide spectrum, everything from portrait tutorials to mobile phone photography to hyperlapse videos.

Kai W

That’s right, everyone’s favorite DigitalRev host has his own YouTube channel now. Kai’s funny, nonchalant personality is always entertaining and his camera reviews are remarkably well done. Additionally, he generally has access to many photography unveilings with first-hand looks at the latest camera gear.

Manny Ortiz

Manny’s videos cover multiple subjects, including studio lighting, camera and lens reviews, and invaluable photography tips. His down-to-earth style is incredibly motivation and easy to watch.

Mike Perea Photography

Mike is a travel photographer with extensive experience capturing nature during the day and night. His videos are well-thought-out but to the point and include a variety of topics ranging from landscape photography to shooting a Milky Way time-lapse.

Julia Trotti

Julia is a fashion photographer based in Sydney, Australia with loads of photography tutorials, photoshoots, Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials, and travel vlogs. What makes her content so unique is the beautiful locations she travels to and the on-scene insights she gives.